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Oliver Pluff & Co.- Jasmine Cold Brew Tea

Oliver Pluff & Co.- Jasmine Cold Brew Tea

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Jasmine Cold Brew - a Fragrant Green Tea Blend

Description:  Tea. Water. Pitcher. Cold. Cold Brew by Oliver Pluff & Company- refreshing iced teas easily brewed by steeping in cold water. The cold brewing of teas is a simple way of steeping but also has an outstanding result with a high quality of flavor. With green tea as a base, the flavor of Jasmine blossoms is strong but not over-bearing for the earthy green tea. After brewing in a refrigerator for eight to ten hours the smell of Jasmine is fragrant and delicate, with the balance of the floral Jasmine and grassy green tea this is a lovely tea to sip on during a hot afternoon for a calm, peaceful afternoon.    

Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine Blossoms  

 Size/Type: 3oz Jasmine green tea in Cold Brew Tea Tin comes complete with a large wire mesh tea brewing ball. 

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Cold Brewing Tips

For a Half-Gallon Brew:

1.  Fill a pitcher with a half-gallon of cold, clean spring water.

2. Fill the tea filter with 4 tablespoons of tea.

3. Close the tea filter, then add to pitcher.

4. Steep the tea overnight in the refrigerator.

5. Remove tea filter, and serve tea over ice.

Ponder Good Times.


Hand Packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co. in Charleston, South Carolina


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