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Kilner Sifter Jar Set

Kilner Sifter Jar Set

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Upgrade your baking tool arsenal with the Kilner Sifter Jar Set! Perfect for avid bread bakers and pastry chefs alike, the Kilner Sifter Jar Set features a classic Kilner Wide Mouth Jar with an innovative stainless steel sifting band - letting you sift flour directly onto your work surface, bread loaf, or work bowl. The sieve-like mesh on the sifting band allows for an even flour distribution, ensuring it is thoroughly clump-free. Perfect for more than just flour, you can also use the Sifter Jar Set to finish pastries or cakes with a picture-perfect layer of cinnamon, cocoa powder, or icing sugar. The stainless steel lid keeps the contents of the sifter jar fresh between uses, allowing it to make its home on your pantry shelf or countertop when not in use for a sleek display. Set yourself up for success when baking or pastry making with the Kilner Sifter Jar Set!

Kilner Sifter Jar Set Features: 

  • Includes: 
    • (1) 17oz Kilner Wide Mouth Jar
    • Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Sifting Band
    • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Ideal for sifting dry ingredients when baking, such as flour, cocoa powder, or icing sugar
  • Perfect for bread or pastry making
  • Classic Kilner Jar is made of high-quality sodalime glass material with pristine clarity and consistent wall thickness ensuring no weak points
  • Kilner Jars are made from natural BPA and toxin-free ingredients
  • Capacity: 17oz | 0.5 L
  • Hand wash only
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