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Handmade Sugar Saver Ornament w/ Green Pouch

Handmade Sugar Saver Ornament w/ Green Pouch

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Never have hard brown sugar again! Handmade from terracotta earthenware clay, a sugar saver is a small piece of terracotta designed to maintain desirable moisture levels in brown sugar. Sugar savers are so versatile. The sugar saver comes with a natural jute rope attached, and a set of four different clay can be used as ornaments. These clay brown sugar savers make a unique and thoughtful gift in a housewarming basket or gift hamper.

Includes a hand screen printed drawstring pouch handmade by Bangladesh women artisans, which is beautiful for gifting & storing the sugar saver & ornaments.

Soak natural terracotta sugar savers in water for a few minutes, then place in brown sugar container. The instruction card comes with your purchase.

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