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Hoskins In The Flat Clinton

9" Delight Candle Taper Pair

9" Delight Candle Taper Pair

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Lovingly hand poured, and hand painted in South Africa, crafted primarily by single mothers from the local rural community. On average, the artisans support an extended family of 12-15 people.

Highest quality natural paraffin wax with 100% cotton wick. Unscented, smokeless, and free from added toxins. Each candle is uniquely made. Your delivered candle will likely appear slightly different from the website photo, but consistent with the theme of the collection.

CANDLE CARE: First burn time: 1-hour for every inch diameter. Wicks should always be cut to ¼” prior to lighting. Avoid drafts – they cause dripping! Ensure candles are extinguished prior to leaving the room.

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