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Sadie Old Hag with Hansel & Gretel Doll

Sadie Old Hag with Hansel & Gretel Doll

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What a fabulous set of Joe Spencer dolls, literally 3 for the price of one! As in the fable "Hansel and Gretel", Sadie the Old Hag Witch has scooped up the children who have been abandoned in the forest by their father at the behest of their evil stepmother. Hansel and Gretel stumble upon Sadie's cottage made of chocolate and are so hungry that they begin taking bites! Sadie finds them and brings them inside to do her bidding, but really she's trying to fatten them up until she can eat them! Luckily for Hansel and Gretel, they outsmart Sadie and escape after killing her in her own oven! You forget how graphic these old fables are! Either way, these dolls are so detailed, you will love them as a group. You could also display them separately them by taking the children out of the witch's arms.

Size: 38x12"

Material: Stuffed Fabric

  • COLLECTIBLE: Created by artist Joe Spencer, this is a Joe Spencer Gathered Traditions licensed design. Joe Spencer dolls are intended for holiday decoration and collecting. Not intended as a toy for children.
  • HANDCRAFTED WITH QUALITY MATERIALS: Each collectible figure has a hand-painted face to provide realistic, intricate detail. Because of the handcrafted nature, each doll will have its own unique look. No two pieces look exactly alike!


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