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Gabriella Little Witch

Gabriella Little Witch

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A Joe Spencer Halloween doll. While there technically is no true leader of the Little Witch coven, Gabriella takes it upon herself to make sure no true mischief is had... Not without her of course! Wearing the iconic black hat and dress of many witches, an orange apron and a pale thread scarf, she is a perfect match for Halloween and fall decor. The most skilled with a broom when compared to Hortense and Paprika, she enjoys sitting in high places where she can look down on everyone else. Sit her on a shelf or together with her other little witches and you might hear a mysterious cackling in the night!

Size: 17x9x4"

Material: Stuffed Fabric, Cotton, Twigs & Sand

  • COLLECTIBLE: Created by artist Joe Spencer, this is a Joe Spencer Gathered Traditions licensed design. Joe Spencer dolls are intended for holiday decoration and collecting. Not intended as a toy for children.
  • HANDCRAFTED WITH QUALITY MATERIALS: Each collectible figure has a hand-painted face to provide realistic, intricate detail. Because of the handcrafted nature, each doll will have its own unique look. No two pieces look exactly alike!
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