September 05, 2019

The House That Fall Built

By Hoskins in the Flat
The House That Fall Built



Well yes, finally, in a not to distant moment Fall will descend upon this sweltering piece of paradise called East Tennessee. In the birthplace of my heart and soul, we anticipate this moment with baited breath, with longing of crisp clean air, and with childlike eagerness. In a word, we are giddy. It doesn’t matter that I have lived to see 44 falls come and go. Each new season that approaches is greeted like I have never met it before. As if I have no idea what to expect, but I know it will be something of greatness. The directional signs in my life all seem to point the same way. In the direction of Home.

Home. Ha! That is almost a comical term in my life at the moment. In the last 2 years my wonderful husband and I have lived in three houses. We have shared this journey with our 2 kids, dog, cat, and 3 goats… along with friends and family that have quite frequently called us NUTS! I suppose in our growing age we have become accustomed to living like gypsies. We chase the adventure of starting anew and laugh in the face of what we are “supposed to do”. Quite possibly we are testing our endurance. Some people run marathons, climb mountains, and we, like fined tuned athletes, well we move! Now to clarify, the intent was never to house hop, especially so frequently! We simply realized (each time) we still haven’t found what we are looking for. Now enters Fall. Just the word Fall suggests a slow decent like a leaf from a tree that meanders to the ground in a wave like motion. As a family, we too slow into a comforting lull. An assurance that we won’t be running from the infernal heat of the sun, at least for a spell, softens the squint lines from my forehead and makes me feel a bit human again. This new found humanity paves the way for the enthusiastic hostess to emerge once again for the coming season, no matter where the kitchen hosting from might be!

Throughout these crazy moves one thing. ONE THING has been constant in our home. Beautiful, glorious Fall. The scents, the food, all the feelings. They are always the same. This one time of year I feel it is perfectly appropriate to light 47 scented candles in one small space. It is perfectly acceptable to suffocate in the Fallness of Fall. I want the smells and sounds from my home to permeate the air as if informing all of my friends how to find me! I dare say that Fall is my signature color, a marker assuring my closet of close that I am home, stop by for a visit. You can find me somewhere in the vicinity of East Tennessee 😉




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