February 27, 2020

My House, Your House

By Mollie Farrar
My House, Your House



It is no secret that my sister and I are extremely close. It’s also no secret that we are opposite in oh so many ways. Remarkably, when it comes to work, we often finish each other’s sentences as well as finish each other’s designs as if we had started it our self. I cannot pretend to even be able to count the times we have shown up wearing the exact same thing or bragged about last night’s dinner of which we both prepared the same thing. Or better yet, designed something from the shop to use in our own homes and yes, you guessed it, it was the very same thing!


But the interesting part comes in how we use these pieces in our different spaces. Mollie’s home is beautiful, stately, a grand family home that we all grew up in and that she has artfully outfitted with her own design with a bit of a formal flare. It is lovely and I absolutely would not change a thing.

My home on the other hand is more casual in a woodsy setting with quirky accents lovingly placed to garner a laugh out of someone when they spot it. Her floors are adorned with Oriental rugs. Mine with Spicer and Co Vinyl ones and muddy footprints galore! She’s a city girl living in the small town of Clinton. I am a farm girl in the metropolis of West Knoxville haha! She has irrigation and imposing boxwoods. I have a creek and several goats that make up my landscape. We both however have an open-door policy where company revolves in and out in a steady stream.

So now we are thrilled to invite you all through our doors, past the footprints, and show how our shop carries through to our homes in very different ways. “Your House My House” is a fun little adventure we are taking on during the next few weeks. Watch us as we incorporate the exact same things into our separate spaces. If we do say so ourselves, we thing they work great in both! This is sure to be a huge laugh, for us especially. We hope you get a kick out of it too! It’s so much fun exposing our differences and seeing how much we are truly so much alike!




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